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'It's never too late to let us know what happened to her' - sister of woman who vanished four years ago begs for new information


Esra Uyrun

Esra Uyrun

Berna Fidan, sister of missing Esra Uyrun, wants help

Berna Fidan, sister of missing Esra Uyrun, wants help


Esra Uyrun

Agony continues for the family of missing Dublin mother Esra Uyrun - who vanished more than four years ago.

The 38-year-old mother-of-one told her husband at their home in Clondalkin she was making a quick morning shopping trip. She was never seen again.

Her car was involved in a near collision in the seaside resort of Bray later that morning. It was found parked at the seafront with her purse locked in the boot.

Her sister Berna Fidan (50) believes she was abducted and that she had been locked in the boot of her own car. She believes there was no way the attractive mother would have harmed herself, because she loved her only son, Emin, too much and she was actively preparing for the impending arrival of her mother and mother-in-law from England.

Berna has renewed her public appeal for anyone who saw Esra on the morning she left the house in Collinstown at 7.20am on February 23, 2011, or who has information to contact the garda confidential helpline on 1800 666111, or contact the 'Missing Esra Uyrun' Facebook page.

"I am begging anyone who knows anything to come forward now. It's never too late to let us know what happened to her," said Berna, who flew in to Ireland at the weekend from London with Esra's childhood pal Ilknur MacCormick (45).

Esra grew up in London and moved to Dublin with her husband Ozgur.


Her grey Renault Twingo was seen being driven erratically in Bray an hour after she drove away from her home in Clondalkin. CCTV recorded her car almost being involved in a collision with a silver Skoda Octavia in Bray.

But the camera failed to capture an image of the driver. Gardai found the Twingo at 11pm that night on the seafront. The driver of the Octavia has never come forward - despite many past appeals.

The CCTV VHS tape used in the camera was not capable of being enhanced so it was impossible to establish whether the car was being driven by a man or a woman.

Emin is now eight years old. When he asks where his mother is, his father tells him 'mummy went to the shop and got lost'.

"Emin looks more and more like her. It's heartbreaking," she said.

Several months after she disappeared, car keys belonging to her turned up in a chip shop in Neilstown. Ms Fidan erected a number of posters in the past few days in Clondalkin and Bray in the hope someone's memory might be jogged about seeing her or her car.

She said Esra had been busy that week preparing for her mother's visit and would have been planning dishes such as traditional stuffed vines leaves.

"I can't give up hope," she said.