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'It's near impossible to take Patsy out' - Kinahans put a €150k price on Hutch's head


Patsy Hutch is considered the top Dublin-based target for the cartel

Patsy Hutch is considered the top Dublin-based target for the cartel

Patsy Hutch is considered the top Dublin-based target for the cartel

The Kinahan cartel is offering hitmen €150,000 to kill top target Patsy Hutch - because he is so well protected by gardai.

Potential assassins, including one Dublin-based criminal, are asking for the huge fee to take out Gerry 'The Monk' Hutch's 57-year-old brother because of the security surrounding him.

"Patsy remains the top target for the Kinahans," a source told the Herald yesterday.

"They would pay between €100,000 and €150,000 to take out Patsy, mainly because they can't find Gerry, and they see him as the next best thing.

"The problem is that Patsy is being watched like a hawk by gardai due to the threat to his life - he's almost impossible to take out thanks to the work of the guards, hence the massive price on his head."

The cartel is also willing to splash the cash on other Hutch associates, including James 'Mago' Gately and convicted killer Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch.


The Herald can reveal the prices the murderous Kinahan cartel, who are responsible for 10 of the 12 feud murders to date, is willing to pay to wipe out their hated enemies in the Hutch mob.

Some targets do not have such high prices on their heads, and the Kinahans are offering as little as €5,000 to take out what they consider low-level members of the Hutch gang.

"They see some gang members as low-hanging fruit and are only willing to pay about five grand to have them taken out," a source said.

"Cartel boss Daniel Kinahan's desire to have Hutch family members and associates murdered has not waned in the slightest in the past few months, hence the high prices on the heads of Patsy and Mago."

Daniel is said to be "fuming" at the murder of Kinahan cartel associate Michael Keogh in May, believing it makes the cartel look weak.

He is said to be putting it out there that they are willing to pay massive money to take out Hutch mob members, associates and even innocent family members.

Patsy remains the prime cartel target in Dublin, mainly because his brother Gerry is travelling around Europe in a bid to avoid being taken out by the Kinahan gang.

Gardai are stationed near his home on Champion's Avenue in the north inner city on a 24-hour basis due to the level of threat against him.

Patsy has survived at least two attempts on his life since the Regency Hotel murder of David Byrne in February last year, and only two weeks ago two men were arrested near to his house. A gun, gloves and a can of petrol were also seized in what gardai believe may have been an another attempt on his life.

Patsy's son, Derek 'Del Boy' Hutch, who is currently in jail for manslaughter, has been targeted behind bars on two occasions since the feud erupted.

Both times, the killer and armed robber was savagely beaten, but had his life saved by fellow prisoners.


Del Boy would still be a major target for the cartel. A source told the Herald: "Just because he's locked up doesn't mean they don't want to kill him.

"In fact, him being in prison makes it easier for him to be attacked in some ways. He's not safe in jail or out of it."

Gately, a close pal of murdered mobster Gary Hutch and his brother Del Boy, is the second target for the cartel.

Feared criminal Gately (30) was shot by a cartel hitman in May.

He was struck four times in the chest, but the bullets lodged in the bullet-proof vest he was wearing. Another bullet hit him in the neck.

Speaking from his hospital bed with a bullet lodged in his jaw only days after being shot, Gately told gardai: "I'm not going down without a fight."

But the main target for Daniel Kinahan and his cartel killers remains Gerry Hutch.

The veteran criminal narrowly escaped an apparent attempt on his life on New Year's Eve 2015, only a few weeks before the Regency attack.

Two gunmen wearing balaclavas burst into a pub in Lanzarote where he had been drinking only seconds before.