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It's lucky number seven as Daithi and Maura get another season


Daithi and Maura on the Today set

Daithi and Maura on the Today set

Daithi and Maura on the Today set

There is no seven-year itch for Daithi O Se and Maura Derrane as their afternoon show returns to TV screens on September 24 for a seventh series.

The presenters are famed for their banter and good humoured back-and-forth chat, and it's their honest friendship the hosts think has viewers coming back for more.

"I think Maura and I have a lot to do with it," Daithi told the Herald.


"We actually get along with each other, there is no BS partnership for the cameras, we actually get on - that said, we don't talk to each other all summer.

"We go off and do our own thing and refresh, and then come back ready to get into it.

"It is a long series, from here to Christmas, and after Christmas you have a full five months of it."

It has been a busy summer for the Kerry man, which was rounded off with his son Michael starting primary school last week.

He is also the man in charge at the Dome for the Rose of Tralee Festival.

At the launch of Maura and Daithi yesterday, he spoke of his disappointment that this year's winner Kirsten Mate Maher received a racist backlash.

"I was very saddened to hear that," he said.

"It was very upsetting. When you take my own family, my wife came over here from New Jersey and just because she has the same colour skin as most of us she hasn't faced any of that.

"I think that was the exception more so than the rule, and I think as a nation we are not like that.

"It was very, very disturbing, she [Kirsten] is Irish, as Irish as myself and yourself, and it's as straightforward as that."

The Maura and Daithi show saw ratings spike during the bad snow in March, when the presenters got stuck in Cork.

Viewers at home sent in videos to the programme and Maura wants more of this interaction.