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It's hard to study for French but it worked out okay

DAY 7 started off well.

I woke up to blue skies and warm weather and on my way to school I almost believed that my luck would hold out.

But if I've learned one thing, it's that my luck rarely does hold.

First came French, an exam that is difficult to study for, as it all depends on what French you remember on the day.

So after a session of cramming verbs and phrases, we went in.

First came the aural exam, which started off simply as it always does but then started to get slightly strange when a group of questions about a man describing the Botanical Gardens came up.

This was slightly off-putting, as sections of the Botanical Gardens is not on any French course.

Still, the speakers were a lot clearer than the Irish speakers.

Then came the written test which consisted of mostly reading comprehensions, which were simple as they were answered in English, and then a note and a letter.

The note was easy as well but the letter raised a few eyebrows when it said to "Ask your French pen friend to send you pictures of herself on holidays".

Then after another long break indoors, as the weather hadn't held, out we went into our history exam.

History is predictable – Short questions, People in History and Long Questions.

The exam gives you a lot of choice on which topics you would like to choose.

This year early Ireland, the Reformation, the Renaissance, the Age of Discovery, the Second World War and Ireland in the 20th century came up.

The exam was fairly straight forward but very long and involved a lot of writing. Nobody thought that exam was too difficult.

Tomorrow is science.