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It's GONE A BIT POTTY at our house

At the moment I'm having a fun time potty training my daughter Holly.

It has been the longest two weeks of my life as I'm sure many parents can understand.

I feel like I have to follow her around and ask her every two minutes if she needs to use the potty.

There've been lots of accidents of course and it's been tough going but I know that in a few days she'll have nailed it.

It's going to be the highlight of my year once she gets it and then I'll be done with nappies.

I've been doing lots of cooking on the show and so my kids are the guinea pigs for all my recipes.


But I can always tell when they don't like something because they'll start asking questions about what's in it.

The Late Lunch Live is just ideal because I've such a young family.

I drop Jack off to school in the morning and then Holly off at creche and then I'm straight into work.

And I have a fabulous friend who brings them home at four and I'm in the door by five.

I know I'm so lucky to have a job that slots perfectly into family life.