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It's finger-lickin' good news for cork fans says psychic chicken Rocky

Ireland's most famous pet predictor Rocky the Chicken has crushed Down hopes ahead of the All-Ireland football final.

The psychic bird, who has a near-100pc track record, has made his latest sports prediction and he firmly believes that Cork will win the Sam Maguire.

The 10-week-old pet was filming his on-screen debut when he made his latest prediction, and he is due to appear on RTE next week.

"He backed Cork to win this weekend, and he seemed pretty sure, he went straight for it," his owner Elaine McDonald told the Herald.

"We set him up in the kitchen, I put down three plates with cards in front of them, labelled with the teams' names and one for a draw.

"Then I told Rocky to go and he ran over to one plate and started eating from it, he's not biased.

"We asked him to predict other events and he chose a different plate every time," the mother of two added.

Despite being filmed and photographed for about three hours, Rocky remained professional for his first appearance on new children's programme, Elev8.

"He's a very obliging model, I have to say, he loves the camera, he really works it, he poses and then walks towards the camera to get close-up shots.

"He's been famous since he was three days old so he's well used to it."

National radio station 2fm first spotted the talented pet, who was raised by Elaine.

And the Kildare native is amazed and delighted with her pet's success.

She put him forward for a talent competition on 2fm because she knew he was unusual from the start -- the black and white chick reads the newspapers as he sits on his owners' shoulders.

Elaine is proud of his success and said she might get a present for Rocky if he becomes a regular hit on television.

"I was thinking of buying him a little dog tag with his name, like the one Rocky wears in the Hollywood films, for his debut -- but I couldn't find one. I even tried the Barbie range and everything ...

"I'll keep an eye out and if he does well in this new show, we can commission one for him maybe."


Despite having full confidence in her pet's special skill, Elaine admitted she would not place any bets on his predictions.

"I keep on telling everyone that I won't put any money on his predictions because I'm so unlucky.

"He makes up for my bad luck so I don't want to jinx him."

While Rocky counts a number of fans already, the ten-week-old chick has also had his share of criticism.

Some detractors even considered making a meal out of him after he accurately predicted the loss of his home county, Kildare.