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'It's difficult to watch myself act', admits Amy as she makes Hollywood debut


Amy Huberman

Amy Huberman

Amy Huberman

Amy Huberman will make her Hollywood debut today in her first role as a leading lady in a big-budget action movie.

The actress will be seen battling the baddies in new flick Kill Ratio, co-starring hunky British actor Tom Hopper.

The movie, which has drawn comparisons with Die Hard, sees Hopper play the part of a secret agent and Huberman his inexperienced colleague.

Together they are sent to Eastern Europe to bring capitalism to a newly democratised republic.


When explosions and gunfire rock the city they are in, they must hide president Tania Petrenko (Lacy Moore) from Colonel Lazar (Nick Dunning), who's leading a coup.

Directed by Paul Tanter, best known for The Rise and Fall of a White Collar Hooligan, the film is not on general release, but Huberman is already winning plaudits, particularly for her American accent.

The movie will open in selected cinemas in Los Angeles ahead of its release on iTunes on Tuesday.

While her face will soon be on screen in the US, the wife of rugby legend Brian O'Driscoll said she finds it difficult watching herself act. "I've never seen something and gone, 'that was worse than I thought it was'," she said.

"Usually, you have a feeling of what something is going to be on set, but I don't know what it is, in my head I'm just scared of watching it initially," Amy told the Herald.

"Actors now do so many self-tapes and I couldn't watch them, but you have to."

She also said she's used to taping for big US shows but not getting the role.

Busy Amy will feature in the RTE schedule early next year, when new drama Striking Out hits the small screens.

Telling the tale of a lawyer whose fiance cheats on her with her best friend, the four-part series will see her piecing her life back together as she makes a new start without him.

Mum-of-two Amy also branched out into the jewellery business earlier this year, designing her own Luna range for Newbridge Silverware.