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It's daunting but I'm relieved that exams are here

I AM a third-year junior certificate student in Marian College in Ballsbridge.

Today, I have come to the end of three years spent working towards one thing – the junior certificate exams.

It's daunting and sometimes just the thought of it is overwhelming. Yet, I have to admit that I am also relieved.

I am on the final lap of a three-year race, and even if I don't win, at least I'll have run it.

I am studying 13 subjects, but three are not exam subjects: religion; social, personal and health education; and PE.

My 10 exam subjects are: English, Irish, French, maths, science, business, history, geography, civic social personal education and music, and I will be doing higher level exams in all of these.

My favourite subjects are English, history and geography, as I see these as the most practically useful.

However, my least favourite subjects would have to be maths and science, purely because of the sheer size of the course.

For those of us in higher level, there are two exams to start today: English paper one and English paper two.

For ordinary level, there is only one English paper.