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It's BOD in graffiti -- by talented teammate Cian

HE is best known as one of the country's toughest sportsmen, but Cian Healy is showing off his softer side.

The rugby star (23), who has a well documented passion for art, has been putting his talents to good use and doing portraits of his teammates.

And the prop has used his unique talent to depict Irish rugby captain Brian O'Driscoll and outhalf Johnny Sexton.

Cian is currently completing five sketches of his teammates, and began with the 25-year-old.

O'Driscoll was given the black and white graffiti treatment, but Cian admitted this wasn't his proudest achievement, even spraypainting 'Poor effort Drico, sorry', next to it.

Although he has not yet finished his work on Sexton, he said that he will be keeping it simple, as our picture shows.

Despite his modest attitude to his art, his teammates are clearly impressed with his skills, and he has even been commissioned to paint something for teammate and close pal Jamie Heaslip.

Cian's passion for art first developed thanks to a teacher at Belvedere College, Ger Conran, a cousin of Heaslip.

"He really pushed me on and demanded better of me. There was pressure on there but when I left there was no pressure," he previously said. "However, I realised I still liked doing it ... it wasn't the average kind of subject you'd normally ever see again.

"I just got a few pieces of canvas and an easel and I take to it whenever I'm bored or anything."

"I'd paint a bit of anything really, I haven't done a lot of landscape stuff. I do the odd portraits, they'd be abstract though, no skin tones or anything, maybe a silhouette with a few colours to throw in. It's nice to change it from the normal really."

However he said that he doesn't listen to calming music in order to get his creativity flowing.

"I'm not this kind of sit-on-a-quiet-hillside-and-paint person . . . I think I'm incapable of relaxing so everything is kind of upbeat," he said.

"It relaxes me and helps keep my mind clear. I'll paint anything that comes into my head or whatever's on my mind."

The multi-talented athlete has also carved out an impressive career as a part time DJ, working under the alias of DJ Church.

"He has a real passion for it and 50 Cent, of course, is his hero. Cian is a very talented guy. He is an amazing artist, skate boarder, inline blader and break dancer," his agent said before his Oxegen debut last year.