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It's been chilliest August in 25 years

IT started with the coldest June in nearly 40 years and now our summer has been rounded off with the chilliest August in 25 years.

Weather experts have confirmed that overall our summer has been one of the most atrocious on record -- with three solid months of below average temperatures.

For the 1.7 million people in the greater Dublin area, it has been the coldest summer for almost 50 years.

The summer of Hurricane Charley in 1986, when the country was subjected to the worst flooding in a century, was the last time August temperatures dropped so low.


Only 12 Augusts have been colder around the country since records began 150 years ago.

Met Eireann says temperatures for the month were 1.3C below average at all 10 of its stations across the country.

At one point in Mullingar the thermometer dropped 2.7C below normal and all through the month the temperatures ranged from 15-17C at best.

Weather experts trying to put the best gloss on an awful summer insisted that while it was cool "it hasn't been a wet one and rainfall is well below average in most places".

Nevertheless, the peak temperature of the season of 25.5C recorded at Oak Park, in Co Carlow, on June 3 had the distinction of being the lowest summer peak in 46 years.

Dublin Airport's average of just 13.8C, the coldest since 1965 when it was 13.1C. Mullingar had an average temperature of 13.1c during the month, at Cork airport it was 13.4C and 14.2C at Shannon.

It hasn't been much better in the UK with many parts of Britain suffering the coldest summer for almost two decades.