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It's been a mental few weeks moving home but I'm so excited for Xpose

It is such a relief that I can finally talk about being the new Xpose presenter. It's been so hard keeping it under wraps for the past few weeks.

I'm so excited to finally say 'I'm here, I'm your new presenter and I'm not a woman'. It was so hard keeping it a secret - I've been on a social media ban for weeks.

If you ever need to keep a secret, TV3 are the people to do it.

I had kept in touch while I was in LA and I was always up on everything that was happening in Ireland so I was delighted when the opportunity came up.

I think TV3 and particularly Xpose are such strong brands and they have so much potential and I'm so excited to work with them now as they grow and expand.

I'm willing and able, so whatever position they throw me into I'll give my blood, sweat and tears whether it's interviewing celebrities and getting good sound bites or covering fashion and beauty. I'm here for whatever they need I'm ready, so bring it on.

I'm looking forward to working with the girls; there are a lot of women in my life so I know what not to say as much as I know what to actually say.

I'm going to be giving a male perspective on things for all the guys who watch Xpose, whatever they're thinking I'll be saying and I think that will add a new perspective to the show.

It's been a mental few weeks as my partner Stephanie and I moved over from LA with our five-month-old son Olivier. I can't tell you how excited I am that we've all moved here together especially within such a short time frame.

The network have been incredible, they helped us out so much and made the transition so much easier.


It's going to be a bit of an adjustment for Stephanie as she's originally from Hawaii.

She's definitely going to miss the weather but I always say that there's no win if you don't take the risk.

Ireland is a great place for us to raise our family as well. LA isn't really conducive to raising a family in my opinion. Also, working in LA just doesn't really work when you have young children.

At TMZ, I started from the bottom working with the paparazzi to running the assignment desk but that meant I was working from four in the morning until six the next evening and I'd be on call over the weekends as well.

We'll miss being so close to the beach and hiking in the canyons but Ireland has beautiful beaches and mountains too. We'll just have to wear rain gear rather than shorts and t-shirts.