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It's been a bad year for me, admits Tubs

LATE LATE SHOW host Ryan Tubridy will bid good riddance to 2011 with another cash-boosting stint at the BBC.

The radio and television presenter has told the Herald that he "will be happy to put 2011 behind me" after a year of falling figures and bad press.

"I just didn't like the year," revealed Tubs in an end-of- year assessment on his annus horriblis.

"I am glad to put 2011 behind me. I thought it was a tough year for the country and for different reasons, I didn't like 2011.

"In fact pretty much everyone I speak to, a lot of my close friends and family, they thought the same.

"It's just like, you wake up some days and it just isn't a great day.

"But I'm always at pains to say that whatever it is people are going through and they're in the horrors, I'm not in the horrors. I never was -- I just didn't like the year.

"I'm enjoying the end of it because I can kind of see the light at the end, it's a new dawn which I'm very excited about."

The 38-year-old presenter will end the year on a high though, after record-breaking figures for the Late Late Toy Show, and an invite from BBC Radio 2 to return and do some more work.

He will fly to London next week as he turns Christmas into a working holiday with his second stint with BBC Radio 2, after being signed up to fill in for presenter Ken Bruce for four days.

In what should be a handy little earner for the RTE star, he explained: "I'm having a nice family Christmas and then I'll be heading off to London for a few days and back to spend New Year's Eve with the family. It's going to be interesting, it will be different. That no-man's-land between Stephen's Day and New Year's Eve is kind of dull in some ways so it suits me to be away working. It will be nice for a change."

No stranger to the Beeb, he previously filled in for Graham Norton during his break last summer and is clearly going down well with audiences.

He's also planning to put pen to paper in 2012 and write a second book, following on from his book about JFK's visit to Ireland.

"I have the idea for a book and I'm very excited about it. It's going to be pop cultural," he said.