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'It's absolutely mad...and it's getting worse' - mum of quads


Mum Anita with her quadruplets

Mum Anita with her quadruplets

Simon and the quads pictured yesterday

Simon and the quads pictured yesterday


Mum Anita with her quadruplets

Four kids makes four times the trouble, as quadruplet mum Anita Kelly has been finding out.

Not only is the 32-year-old mum to 17-month-old Tom, James, Charlie and Luke, she also has two-year-old son Matthew.

Looking after five young children is no easy task, and Anita admitted it's only getting tougher as time goes on.

"It's absolutely mad, it's just getting worse to be honest," she told the Herald.

"It's mad getting them all up, dressed, fed. They all want food at the same time. Sleeping has been a nightmare, they're only asleep the last few nights. "

The Offaly native has struggled so much with sleeping that she was forced to seek professional help.

"Nights have been a nightmare. I had to get a sleep therapist to help me out. I moved them all back into the same room again and now they're sleeping better," she said.

Although the mum-of-five can easily tell her children apart now, she admitted it wasn't so easy in the weeks after they were born.

"They're all different looking, they're not identical. At the start it was difficult, we had little name tags on them.

"We had to write down everything. What bottles for who, what food."

Although Anita has help from her husband, David, she was not shy about admitting who does most of the work when it comes to looking after the kids.

"I just do everything to be honest. I've taken a year out and I'm back to work in January," she said.

Anita works as a nurse and although she is on a year's leave, she's already planning for her return in January.

"I don't know what's going to happen. I'm looking for an au pair. I'll have to get two child minders, and the grannies will help out as well.


"I'll do reduced hours, but I'll have to keep my job for when they're older."

Anita said that one of the biggest struggles about having quadruplets is the cost.

"It's about 25 nappies a day. Everyone says 'Where do you get the money?', but you have no choice. You can't go on nice holidays, you can't go on weekends away. You're always buying nappies and baby food."

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