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It's a boy, but I was kinda hoping for a little girl, says Maia after revealing scan of baby


Maia and Johnny Vegas

Maia and Johnny Vegas

The tweeted picture with the baby and a pint of Guinness

The tweeted picture with the baby and a pint of Guinness


Maia and Johnny Vegas

TV presenter Maia Dunphy has revealed that she is expecting a baby boy - but wished she was having a girl.

The What Women Want presenter, who is married to English comedian Johnny Vegas (44), also revealed that she is due to give birth in July.

"I didn't want a boy, I wanted a girl," Maia admitted.

"I have a couple of nice handbags and I wanted a girl to give them to. Maybe if he's a boy who's into handbags, that'll be nice.

"People say just go again but if I had another boy that would just be carnage," she added.


Maia (38) also revealed she took a pregnancy test after feeling "bizarrely tired" late last year.

"I came back in November for the wrap party of my series. I was bizarrely tired and I was like, that's a bit weird," she said.

"It was the morning of the wrap party and we were going to be drinking obscene amounts of cocktails and I thought, you know what, I better do a test just in case before I drink 12 rounds or rum cocktails and then I thought, 'holy gosh'.

"I went to the wrap party a bit shell shocked. My lovely producer, I had to tell her, was sneaking me diet cokes and orange juices," she added.

The 38-year-old who recently moved to London to live with Johnny also admitted she was worried about what people would think of her having her first baby later in life.

"The trouble is when you get to your late 30s as a woman, you hit 40 and it's the head tilt then, no one likes the head tilt," she told Ryan Tubridy on 2fm.

"I went for one appointment in London and she said 'Look you're a spring chicken' - there was a woman who came into me having her first baby at 48. The world has changed.

"The majority of stories you hear at my age are either great difficulty or great relief and joy," she added.

Naturally, all of their friends have been congratulating the happy couple.

"Everyone's delighted, my parents are delighted, it's the first grandchild in our family," she said.

Lucy Kennedy and Jennifer Maguire congratulated the couple, as did Xpose's Karen Koster who recently welcomed her first baby boy, Finn, with her husband John Maguire.

"Massive congrats Maia and Johnny. Now there's a baby who won the parent lotto. Hope you're feeling good Maia," Karen wrote to the couple.


Dunphy announced the happy news earlier this week by posting a picture of a baby scan with a pint of Guinness photoshopped in, as she joked with her hubby: "Well Johnny Vegas, at least we know he's definitely yours."

The pair wed in 2011 in an intimate Spanish ceremony at a country estate near Seville.

Over 120 guests watched the loved-up couple tie the knot after two years of dating.

Maia and her funnyman husband enjoyed a long-distance relationship for three years, citing work commitments as the reason for their separate homes before, she moved to London late last year.