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Italian Job has best car scenes

The Italian Job, starring Michael Caine, has the best driving scenes in films, according to a survey.

Cliff Richard's 1963 hit Summer Holiday also made it into the top 10 for its double-decker bus scenes.

The survey, from a motoring and leisure association CSMA Club, revealed that three driving sequences from The Italian Job, including Minis driving down steps, were the top motoring scenes from films over the last five decades.

Matt Damon's car chase in Paris in 2002 film The Bourne Identity was in fourth place, with the car chase in the 1968 Steve McQueen movie Bullitt fifth, and Summer Holiday sixth.

'Teacher filmed boys in shower'

A teacher using a secretly installed camera videotaped teenage boys in the shower at a Catholic school in New Jersey for nearly three years, authorities said.

Patrick J Lott (54), who was arrested last week, was arraigned on charges he videotaped students in a communal shower area at the school starting in January 2008.

The prosecutor's office said nine boys identified in the videos are under the age of 16.

Ghost Rider

claim rejected

A New York City judge has ruled comic book publisher Marvel Entertainment owns the rights to the Ghost Rider character in the fiery form that originated in the early 1970s.

Federal Judge Katherine Forrest made the finding, tossing out the claims of a man who says he created the motorcycle-driving Ghost Rider with the skeletal head that sometimes had fire blazing from it.

Visitors flock to

relic theft site

THE theft of an ancient relic from a Co Tipperary abbey has boosted the numbers visiting the historic site.

A gold and bronze crucifix, containing what is believed to be a piece of the real cross, was stolen from Holycross Abbey, in Thurles, last October.

But Fr Tom Breen said the loss of the relic had not put people off travelling to the abbey, which was the home of the relic for over 900 years.