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It was so upsetting to be mugged on street

IT'S AN experience that has been shared by so many while walking through the streets of the capital.

We stop to read a text message or check the time on our mobile - and in a heartbeat it is gone.

Dublin actress Camille Lucy Ross is one of hundreds who have had their phones snatched from their hands in broad daylight. And the effects of becoming a victim leave a lasting impression.

The 21-year-old was walking down O'Connell Street last month when she was mugged by a gang of youths. She now views Dublin in a different light.

"I was having a bad day to be honest and I was close to the garda station on O'Connell Street when I spotted the gang.

"I should have put my phone in my bag but you just don't expect to be mugged in your city," she said. "I have never had an experience like that before and it was quite upsetting. It's the memories, the messages, the private stuff that you miss, more so than the money."

Camille has urged anybody who has been a theft victim to report it to gardai.

"You hear that these things happen all the time so I didn't really feel anything could be achieved by going to a garda station.

"However, a passerby convinced me, and to be fair, they were very understanding, helpful and gave good advice.

"Unfortunately I didn't get the device back. But I will be much more vigilant now."