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'It was like the aftermath of Oxegen' - arrests and chaos at beach party

Parents urged to impose curfews to halt virus spread


The beach in Kilkee yesterday morning

The beach in Kilkee yesterday morning

The beach in Kilkee yesterday morning

Twenty-five of the 53 new Covid-19 cases notified to health authorities were in Dublin.

However, the latest figures from the Health Protection Surveillance Centre (HPSC) showed there were no new deaths reported yesterday.

Of the 53 new cases, 27 were men and 26 were women. Eighty per cent were aged 45 and under.

As well as the 25 cases in Dublin, 19 were in Laois, six in Kildare and the remaining three were spread across two other counties.

It brings to 26,162 the number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in Ireland, with four people now in intensive care.

Acting Chief Medical Off-icer Dr Ronan Glynn and the Department of Health said the source of transmission for more than 90pc of cases reported yesterday had been identified.


"This is a positive development in light of the number of cases reported over the past few days," Dr Glynn said.

"However, our five-day average for cases reported is now 47. We all need to continue to adopt a prevention mindset and continue making good choices to protect ourselves and others while trying to live safely with Covid-19.

"People are still susceptible, this virus has not changed. We know how to break the chains of transmission."

Parents are being urged to introduce curfews after a beach party led to several public order arrests.

The party took place on Kilkee beach in Co Clare on Saturday night, with some residents reporting it went on to 3am.

Fianna Fail councillor Cillian Murphy called on parents to impose curfews.

Clare County Council is set to block off the bandstand on the beach from 6pm.

A number of public order arrests were made as gardai were alerted to the party.

"This looked like the aftermath of Oxegen, and parents should be looking now at a curfew for their children and young people to prevent this again," Cllr Murphy said.

"There were lots of teenagers. At 6.30am I heard loud voices outside.

"The reality is these kids were out and their parents didn't know where they were.

"If they did know, there was no responsibility taken for what happened. Really, the parents need to know where their children and young people are, due to Covid-19."

Residents and even those living outside of the coastal town took to social media to vent their anger.

One woman tweeted: "Do the rules apply to some and not others? Absolutely disgraceful to see the scenes on Kilkee beach tonight, and this isn't the first of it.


"It's no wonder cases are on the rise again with this nonsense going on, and it isn't just at night either."

Footage shared online showed a large number of young people partying in very close proximity and rubbish left behind afterwards.

The council's ground team cleaned the area in the morning.

Calls are being made for a stronger garda presence to ensure further incidents are prevented.

The youths partied under the bandstand on the seafront and photos appear to show some damage caused.

"I'm concerned about the fact you have 15 to 18-year-olds out very late at night, lots of alcohol involved and no social distancing whatsoever," Mr Murphy said.

"On the other hand, we're looking at children going back to school in September.

"There's a responsibility with parents to make sure they know where their kids are.

"In the UK there are localised lockdowns. I don't have the expertise to discuss that, but we have to be able to say we're protecting people.

"How do we protect the people who live here and those who visit here?"