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It was Kevin who betrayed me, storms angry manager

GIOVANNI Trapattoni revealed today that he had told Kevin Foley he could stay with the squad

The Irish boss finally snapped as the Foley saga reached fever pitch in Montecatini.

The Italian has faced flak for the poor way in which he dealt with the Foley situation after he sent the 27-year-old packing from the Euro 2012 squad.

Foley said he had been "betrayed" by Trapattoni, but now the 73-year-old says it was he who had been betrayed.

"I don't wish to speak again about this situation. Finished, finished, finished," said the manager during a heated press conference.

When asked about Foley's comments that he felt "betrayed" by the Irish manager, Trapattoni hit back and said: "I was betrayed also.


"Yes, I said to the team: 'The word is easy to say'. Also for the media, you write too easily. In Italy, words disappear on the wind and are forgotten."

The situation, and how badly it was handled by the manager, has overshadowed preparations for next week's European Championships in Poland and Ukraine.

And Trap is clearly hoping that the talk will now turn to Monday's final friendly before the tournament kicks off.

"I have already explained to you why I chose between two players with different characteristics; I don't have anything else to add.

"We speak about the training. We speak what we can do again. The team is happy and playing well.

"It's about responsibility. Responsibility. I have to pick one player or the other. That is responsibility, for the team and for the country.

"If there is another injury, what will you say then? What words?"

However Trapattoni said today that he had told Kevin Foley that he could stay with the Irish squad until the final deadline, after the Hungary match on Monday.

"I said also to Foley if you want to, stay with us," he revealed.


"Because there is also Hungary and, I hope no, but maybe we have the same situation.

"Richard Dunne is now better, but we are not sure about O'Shea."

Foley is adamant that he will not turn up for Ireland while Trapattoni is the manager, which in effect, means that he has retired himself from international football.

"There is the moment of disappointment.

"Kevin is a wonderful guy. In the moment of disappointment, you can say everything.

"The first reaction is understandable. One of the rules of life is never say never.

"When I spoke to him, I say 'if you stay we are happy'. Obviously he was disappointed."

Trapattoni was then asked if he would call Foley back if needed.

"If he wishes to come back, yes. I said to him before if you want to, stay with us."