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It was great to see Zoe's new collection in the Big Apple

Irish designer Zoe Jordan was also showing in New York - she normally shows in London so it was really cool to see her over there.

She had a presentation instead of an actual catwalk show, which a lot of designers are doing.

I find it way better to be honest.

She had booked this beautiful room with these big windows in the Standard Hotel so it was full of light.

All of her models were standing on podiums against the wall and they each wore one look - it was almost like a curated exhibition of her collection just showing the best pieces.

You could go up and touch the fabrics and get really close-up photos.

Catwalk shows are great but you see flashes of people walking past you very quickly whereas with the presentation you get to see the quality of the fabrics and the intricate detailing.

I saw Zoe's first show in London so it was wonderful to get to see her in New York.