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It was great to catch up with Anton on his new show


Anton Savage

Anton Savage

Anton Savage

Having worked with Anton Savage on Ireland AM during the summer, I went behind the scenes of his new show on Today FM.

We'll be showing that video on the show next week, but it was good fun to catch up with Anton and see the flow of a live radio production in comparison to live television.

Similar to Ireland AM, the Anton Savage Show (ASS - which is hilarious) has regular gear changes as he moves from news stories and paper headlines to the latest gadgets in the world of virtual reality. They made me go live on air and experience a terrifying rollercoaster through this headset.

I was trying to avoid coming across all girlie live on radio but the more terrifying it became, the more I did exactly that.

Thankfully Anton wasn't too far behind me and it was a lot of fun. It was mad to experience such an intense rollercoaster just through a head set.

One of the things I love about working on Ireland AM is all the different and unusual segments I get to do every day.