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Israelis kill five in Gaza attack

Five Palestinians died in Israeli airforce strikes on the Gaza Strip in the past 24 hours, Gaza emergency health services officials have said.

The Israeli army said the airforce hit militants launching rockets, as well as smuggling tunnels and weapons factories in a series of strikes on the Hamas-controlled territory.

The bloodshed came after Hamas said an informal agreement was reached with Israel to end violence that escalated after August 18 attacks near the Red Sea resort of Eilat, which killed eight Israelis.

Greek blitz on

student rebels

Greece has abolished restrictions that made it difficult for police to enter university campuses, which have become a hotbed for protests against the country's austerity measures.

The new law also reduces the say of student political parties in academic administration.

Politicians passed the new legislation, which left-wing parties opposed.

Jacko's Thriller

guru dies at 64

Music industry executive Frank Dileo, who managed Michael Jackson's career in the 1980s and returned as his manager in the superstar's final days, has died aged 64.

He had recently experienced complications following heart surgery.

The short, portly Dileo was a colourful figure in the entertainment industry and had movie roles as an actor, notably portraying a gangster in Martin Scorsese's Goodfellas.

In his book Moonwalk, Jackson credited Dileo as one of the people "responsible for turning my dream for Thriller into a reality".

Polar bear shot dead at oil field

A security guard at an Alaska oil field fatally shot a polar bear after the animal approached employees' homes.

BP spokesman Steve Rinehart said the guard thought he was firing a bean bag round at the bear at Endicott Oil Field on the North Slope.

Instead, he shot the animal with a "cracker round". Mr Rinehart said the guard was trying to protect people, not hurt the bear.