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Is this the most deluded duo in irish politics?


THEY must form the most deluded duo in Irish politics.

Cabinet members Mary Harney and John Gormley have both attacked retiring Dublin Archbishop John Neill for his criticisms of their time in Government.

Mr Gormley said that a recent interview by Dr Neill was "ill judged" and "a grave insult".

While Ms Harney claimed that he clearly wasn't aware of the "high level" of patient satisfaction with the health service.

Her comments come just days after the health service was embroiled in a series of crises and more than 500 people were being treated on hospital trolleys.

The pair were responding to an interview in which Dr Neill said that Ms Harney's term as Health Minister had been "disastrous". He also described the HSE as a "monster" that had grown up on her watch.

The Archbishop said he was "longing for a General Election" so that he could get rid of her.

However, she responded in The Church of Ireland Gazette by saying that Dr Neill "may not be aware of the real and measurable progress throughout the health services in recent years on many fronts".

Dr Neill said of The Green Party: "It's a very sad thing. It's not just true of the Green Party, but it is very true of them, power tends to corrupt."

Green Party Leader John Gormley said: "We have always believed that the Churches should not involve themselves in party politics and in this regard the comments were ill judged."


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