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Iron bar attack on hapless jail thug

A hapless criminal who was shot on the street and stabbed in prison has been beaten about the head with an iron bar when he called to intimidate a rival.

The reckless thug got more than he bargained for when he called to the man's north Dublin home to threaten him over a campaign of alleged harassment against another man.

The Darndale criminal – who cannot be named for legal reasons – came away with two black eyes after the attack.

A source explained: "This fella thinks he is a real hard man because he hangs around with a few Travellers who have strong links to dissident Republicans but in reality he is nothing but a joker.

"He called to that house, demanding to speak to the occupant but instead of a conversation, he ended up on his arse with a very sore face when the other fella struck him with an iron bar."

The incident happened in the Dun Saithne estate in Balbriggan late last Thursday night.

Gardai are aware of it as the criminal has not made a complaint so there will be no prosecution.

Sources said the Darndale gangster got involved in the dispute after one of his associates was targeted by another man over a personal grudge which resulted in a number of vandalism attacks, including tyre slashing.

The hood, who has almost 200 previous convictions, has spent nearly all the past six years in prison but still managed to get himself shot last year while not serving time.

He has made a full recovery from his injuries after getting a bullet in the hand when a gunman opened fire in Clonshaugh Woods, Coolock, in December.


He checked himself out of Beaumont Hospital a few hours later and has continued to be involved in serious crime.

He was informed of a threat against his life last November after a dispute with a Coolock criminal gang.

And in June, he was savagely stabbed and beaten when he was set upon by a violent inmate in a brutal prison assault at Wheatfield Prison where he was serving a short sentence for multiple driving offences.

After his release, he was arrested in a major probe into the theft of vehicles and building machinery in Co Wicklow.