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Irishman knifed to death by gang aged 13 and 14

This is the Irish man who was fatally stabbed by a gang of 13 and 14 year-olds outside his London apartment.

Jack Barry (52) was attacked outside his apartment block at 7.50pm last Sunday in Edmonton, near Enfield,in front of his partner Sabina Finn (35).

The Cork native had been living in London for over 30 years and worked as a builder.

Four boys, aged 13-14 we arrested shortly after the altercation took place in north London.

They have since been released on bail until January next year.

A fifth youth was arrested yesterday morning and is still in police custody.

He can be held for a period of up to 24 hours, but this could be prolonged by a further 12 hours if an extension is granted by a superintendent.

UK police said the suspects attempted to gate-crash a party next door to the deceased prior to the fatal stabbing.

They believe Mr Barry was followed into the building by two of the gang.

Detective Chief Inspector Neal Baldock said: "Initial enquiries had established there was a supervised party taking place at another address within the block and the group of males were trying to gain access to this.

"The victim and the group were not known to each other.What started as a minor verbal altercation has escalated into a shocking act of violence," he added.

A neighbour of the deceased told how he comforted Sabrina Finn as paramedics attempted to resuscitate her boyfriend.

Mackenzie Muzengi said, "We were watching TV, when the police knocked on the door.

"They asked if we could look after the lady. She said her name was Sabrina and her boyfriend has been attacked by four guys as they came in the building," he said.

"She was very upset and scared, then the paramedics came and told her he was dead.

"She started crying and crying. It's very, very sad," Mr Muzengi added.

His wife added: "the poor lady, we didn't want her to go, she was very upset, but police wanted to question her".