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Irishman is World Champion 'retro runner'

AN IRISHMAN who has become the Usain Bolt of 'retro-running' has triumphed in the World Championships for the third time.

Dublin-based Garret Doherty dominates the sport that sees it's competitors run backwards around the athletics track, claiming first place in a number of races at the games in Italy last week.

Retro-running is gaining a cult following and Garrett wants to see it recognised at the Olympics by 2020.

Evangelical about the sport's benefits, Garret said: "Not only are you working out muscles that wouldn't normally get exercised, but you're making your brain work harder too as you're using both sides not just the left which is only utilized during forwards running.

"You're living in the moment, partly because you're doing your best not to trip up while you burn three times as many calories."

Organised in a similar way to athletics at the Olympics with over 200 runners competing, the 36-year-old won gold in three races in Italy, the 200m, 400m and 1,500m.

He also came out on top at previous championships which are held every two years in 2010 and 2012.

Garret now travels around the country educating children about the benefits of the sport.

"Children aren't conditioned to have the same fear as adults and they are also less likely to be self-conscious too because if you are preoccupied about looking silly then this sport just isn't for you," said Garret.