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Irish women tougher than men, says Ink star

A tattoo studio in Co Cork is in talks to develop a new TV series Cork Ink, based on the hugely popular US series Miami Ink.

The show would follow the different customers who visit the tattoo parlour and decide to get inked up.

"It's definitely something we would be interested in," Ross Nagle of Allstar Ink told the Herald.

"We have been talking to a few production companies and think it could work really well.

"We get so many different people coming through the doors lawyers, bankers, rockers. No two customers are the same."


Nagle is friends with Ami James - star of Miami Ink, and the two will open their new tattoo parlour Love Hate Social Club in Cork City this evening.

James and Nagle have been planning the opening of the new tattoo store Love Hate Social Club for over two years.

"I used to have a lot of Irish customers fly over to get sleeves and customised pieces but in recent years that started to dip," James explained.

"I spoke to Ross and he told me how bad things were with the economy and I thought 'Well if they can't come to me I'll go to Ireland'."

Several of James's Miami Ink co-stars will attend the opening this evening, including Guy Sahar.

London-based Sahar hit headlines last year when he got involved in a public dispute with pop star Justin Bieber over payment for a tattoo.

While celebrities have reduced some of the negative connotations associated with tattoos, Nagle believes we should not look to pop princesses and football stars for inspiration.

"So many girls come in looking to get Rihanna's stars or Cheryl's hand tattoo," Nagle said.

"But getting the same tattoo as a pop star is never a good idea. A lot of their tattoos are rubbish and unoriginal. It's best to get something that is relevant to you."

Nagle also admitted that Irish women tend to be made of stronger stuff when faces with tattoo needles.

"Women are made of much tougher stuff. They have a much higher threshold.

"Men are pathetic - they complain the whole time whereas women just suck it up.