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Irish women still prepare most meals in the home

It's women who rule the kitchen when it comes to getting the dinner ready.

A new survey has revealed that 75pc of Irish women prepare the main meal. This includes full-time mothers at work, those who work part-time and stay-at-home mums.

Despite our busy lifestyles, 62pc of families in Ireland still sit down to eat a cooked meal together every day according to the online Avonmore cream survey.

And we don't scrimp on the amount of time we use to prepare something to eat, with nearly 63pc saying that they spend between 30 to 40 minutes preparing it, while one in five spend around an hour or more every day of the week.


Some 24pc said that both partners played a role in everyday meal preparation, while only around 8pc of women surveyed claimed that their male partner was the main chef.

One-in-three women say they always cook a meal from scratch.

It seems that home cooks in Ireland are becoming more adventurous because over 65pc claim they try out a brand new recipe once a month with 17pc saying they do this once a fortnight.

Meanwhile, TV chef Neven Maguire said that comfort food is still part of our culture but because we have become more adventurous in the kitchen, people are always looking for new ideas to make family favourites even tastier.