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Irish woman is beaten with chain by 3 men in French town


The historical city of Avignon

The historical city of Avignon

The historical city of Avignon

An Irish woman is recovering after she was viciously assaulted with a motor- cycle lock-up chain by three men in France.

The 25-year-old suffered facial injuries in the early morning attack in the south-eastern town of Avignon.

It is understood she was pushed to her knees and beaten up by the men on Saturday morning.

Initial reports suggested it was a random attack.

Police said the victim suff-ered several injuries, including wounds to her head, cheeks and nose but was not sexually assaulted.


She was reportedly discharged from hospital yesterday.

The attack happened at around 6.30 on Saturday morning as the woman was returning to her accommodation on Rue des Infirmieres, in the city centre.

Authorities were alerted to the incident, and found the heavy chain had been left behind.

The woman was taken to the Henri-Duffaut Hospital in Avignon.

Police said she had been left badly shaken by the experience.

"She is in a state of shock," a police spokesman told French media.

"Her injuries are not believed to be too serious," the spokesman said.

It is believed she has told police she did not know the attackers.

Investigators will interview her further when she has re- covered from her injuries.

CCTV footage from business es in the area is being examined.

It is not known if the woman lives in Avignon, or if she was visiting the popular tourist city.

A spokeswoman for the Dep- artment of Foreign Affairs said: "We aware of the case and are ready to provide consular assistance if it is required or requested."