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Irish went well ...so bring on the next two!

Jack Kennedy (15), from Sandford Park School, was pleased with yesterday's Irish exams and is looking forward to Maths Paper One and Geography today.

"Yesterday went quite well. Irish is one that everyone worries about but there weren't really any nasty surprises in either paper.

"We had our listening exam first thing yesterday morning, which was fine apart from a few strange questions. I understood most of the accents, which always helps.

"Irish Paper One was tough at times but I got through it in the end. We had to answer comprehension questions on Justin Bieber and another on an Irish radio station.

"We had a really long break of over three hours between Paper One and Two. It was such a wet day we couldn't even go outside for some fresh air. I ended up doing some revision in one of the classrooms with a few friends.

"Overall, I found Paper Two fair enough and a lot of what we covered in class came up.

"Today will be another long day but I'm not as worried as I thought I'd be. I got a good night's sleep last night.

"I actually enjoy Geography and Maths more than most subjects so I'm looking forward to showing what I've learned over the past year or two."