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Irish Water 'is not liable' for flooding costs


The flood at Ashwood Estate, Clondalkin

The flood at Ashwood Estate, Clondalkin

The flood at Ashwood Estate, Clondalkin

CLONDALKIN residents who suffered thousands of euros of damage to their home after a water pipe burst have been told they have "no case" against Irish Water.

On November 4, 2014, a mains pipe burst, causing severe flooding that badly affected 13 houses in Ashwood, Clondalkin.

Irish Water called the incident "an unforeseeable event" and stated that it wouldn't accept responsibility.

"Devastated" resident Yvonne Farrell (56), who lives at Ashwood Drive, said the water "destroyed" her heating system.


"I got a plumber out and he quoted me a price of €2,300 for a brand new boiler. I would have paid for it if it could have been repaired but it couldn't.

"I cannot afford to pay for this to be honest and I am very disappointed in Irish Water."

Ashwood Drive resident Tony Lawlor (59) told the Herald how his son Kenneth's car was flooded.

He said the damage would result in repairs costing "a couple of thousand" but that it's unlikely the car could be driven again.

Since the flooding the residents have appealed to Irish Water to cover the costs of the damage.

However, in a letter from Irish Water to local Sinn Fein councillor Eoin O'Broin the agency said that its insurers had "completed their investigations" and that it will advise residents that it is "not accepting liability for the incident".

Cllr O'Broin said it is "not acceptable for Irish Water to leave these families high and dry in this way".

Residents were told in a meeting with a local solicitor they have "no case" unless they could prove Irish Water had caused the flooding.

A spokesperson for Irish Water told the Herald that it "expects to be in a position to respond to householders further shortly".