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Irish tourist bit off ear and fled on broken leg

AN Irish tourist has been arrested for allegedly biting off the ear of a local during a disagreement in Spain.

The young man has been compared to boxing legend Mike Tyson, who attacked one of his opponents in a similar fashion during a heavyweight championship.

The 23-year-old was held in custody while police investigated the matter.

The alleged incident is understood to have taken place late on Monday night or in the early hours of Tuesday morning, in s'Illot, an area on the east coast of the island which is popular for its nightlife.

It is claimed the alleged attacker managed to escape police twice before they caught up with him.

The Irish national is reported to have been drinking in a bar when he saw a couple walking and began to shout at them.

According to local reports, he became agitated and pounced on the pair as they came by the terrace of the bar in an unprovoked attack.

He allegedly launched himself on the man, who is thought to be Spanish, before biting and tearing off a large chunk of his ear.

The tourist is also accused of assaulting the owner of the bar where the violent assault took place and causing damage to the premises.

He fled the scene but was later discovered at a nearby hotel where he was residing by local policemen from the Guardia Civil.

The man's hair was reportedly half shaved when he opened the door to officers.

He told them that he needed to get changed before accompanying them to the police station and was granted a few minutes, which allowed him enough time to flee a second time.


He jumped from his balcony on to the street and, despite breaking his leg in the process, managed to escape.

It took several hours for police to finally catch up with him on Tuesday afternoon, and he was then taken to a hospital in Manacor where his injuries were treated.

The victim of the assault was taken to the University Hospital of Son Espases, on the outskirts of Palma. Surgeons are said to remain hopeful that they will be able to reconstruct his ear.