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Irish student treated for broken arm in crash that killed 13


The wreckage of a bus is lifted by a crane after a traffic crash in Freginals

The wreckage of a bus is lifted by a crane after a traffic crash in Freginals

The wreckage of a bus is lifted by a crane after a traffic crash in Freginals

An Irish student injured in a horrific Spanish bus crash in which 13 people died is being treated for a suspected broken arm.

Two other students, who also study at University College Cork (UCC), were uninjured in the crash.

The injured girls have been named as Helena Phelan, Niamh Ann Maxwell and Shirley Brookes.

All three were on a list of passengers, held by the organisers, which has been seen by the Herald.

Another Irish student spoke of her narrow escape after opting at the last minute not to travel by coach to attend a festival in Valencia.

University of Limerick journalism student Ciara Phelan admitted that as a result of the tragedy, "a dark cloud" was now hanging over the Spanish university where the Irish students were placed.

"I feel just so lucky that I changed my mind about travelling to the festival two days before we were due to go," she said.

"I possibly may not have been on the bus that crashed. Knowing me, I would have been on the last one leaving because I would not have wanted to miss anything."


Spanish authorities have confirmed that seven Italian students were among the 13 killed in the bus crash on Sunday morning.

Two Germans along with students from France, Austria, Romania and Uzbekistan also died.

Spanish authorities confirmed they are looking to repatriate those who were killed as soon as possible.

British student Tallulah Lyons, who was on the bus when it crashed, told the BBC: "I just remember waking up and people were on the floor.

"I was trying to crawl out with friends - and that's when we realised some people were trapped. It took about two hours to get everyone out."

The Erasmus Student Network arranged five buses to bring students to and from a fireworks festival in Valencia.

The last bus to leave the city crashed as they were making the return journey to Barcelona.

UCC said it is now doing everything possible to assist its three students who were on the coach that crashed on the Valencia-Barcelona motorway.