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Irish student in the clear on Guyana 'death threat'

AN Irish teenager charged with threatening to kill the president of Guyana has had the charges against him dropped.

Cillian Crosson (17) made a drunken "misplaced joke" in a bar that he would shoot the president in the head.

He made the remark to two men during a rodeo event in the South American country after they told him they worked as bodyguards for the president. The president was not attending the event.

He was charged with the offence on March 29, but yesterday a court was informed by public prosecutions director Shalimar Ali Hack that he was dropping criminal proceedings.

Friends and locals in Cillian's native Lambtown, Ardee, Co Louth, welcomed the move.

"All's well that ends well. It was a misplaced joke. Cillian has stayed positive and optimistic," a family friend said.

Cillian, who pleaded not guilty, was working as a volunteer teacher in Guyana with the British aid group Project Trust.

The Trinity student took a gap year to help disadvantaged children.