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Irish snappers capture World Awards

IRISH photographers have cleaned up at the World Press Photo Awards.

Snaps of members of the Travelling community at a fairground in Ireland and unusual shots of breaking news stories caught the judges' attention this year.

Renowned Irish photographer Kenneth O'Halloran won third prize in portrait stories at the fairground.

Andrew McConnell, who is currently based in Africa, scooped two awards, first in Arts and Entertainment for candid shots of a woman practising classical music on her cello in the slums of Kinshasa and an in-depth look at people in Western Sahara.

Seamus Murphy, a previous award winner, won second in People in the News Category for his image of Julian Assange, founder of WikiLeaks.

Jodi Brieber, a South African-based photographer, was named World Press Photographer of the Year. His image shows a woman who was persecuted by the Taliban in Afghanistan.

This year, a record number of 108,059 images were submitted.