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Irish shoppers spend €6.6m each day online


IF online spending is anything to go by, the boom times could be rolling back around - with Irish people spending over €6m online daily.

People who log on to stock up are spending about €6.6m every day in Ireland according to new research.

This means that the yearly bill for internet splurging comes in at a neat €2.4bn annually.

Both men and women are inclined to click and buy it seems.

Men are thought to be leading the charge when it comes to buying over the net, nabbing electrical items to the tune of around €338m each year.

Gadgets top the wish-list of Irish internet shoppers who fork out around €420m a year on them.

For women it is clothes, shoes and accessories that are the most wanted items when it comes to purchasing online.

Meanwhile Irishmen are also keen to get their hands on clothes and mobile phone accessories too.


Female shoppers spend a massive €282m on clothes while their male counterparts spend less than half of that.

Shoes and handbags also attract the spending power of Irish women with over €80m being spent a year on each.

Jewellery is the one item that seems to attract an equal spends from both sexes, the figures show.

Those aged between 30 and 44 are most likely to splash their cash on the net, with a spend of over €700 per person each year.

It is gaming that attracts those in their early 20s to part with their cash but, unsurprisingly, as people get older their attention turns increasingly to household goods.

A total of 6,000 people online were surveyed.

"Online shopping is booming in Ireland, with people making more transactions and spending bigger amounts than ever before," John Tuohy, CEO of internet shopping service Nightline said.