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Irish resistance to austerity growing, says left-wing


TD Paul Murphy

TD Paul Murphy

TD Paul Murphy

THE 'No' vote delivered by Greek voters is a "sign of what is to come in Ireland", left-wing politicians have claimed.

Anti-Austerity Alliance TD Paul Murphy was in Athens for the historic vote.

He said the resistance to austerity is growing throughout Europe, adding that any deal for Greece must involve a debt write-down.

Mr Murphy - one of two TDs invited by the Syriza Party to Greece for the result - said: "It genuinely is potentially the most important political event since the Berlin Wall fell. It really is.


"It's a real push back by people. The question is what do the Troika do now," Mr Murphy told the Herald.

"This is a sign of what's to come. The resistance to austerity is growing," Mr Murphy added.

His claim was echoed by Sinn Fein finance spokesperson Pearse Doherty, who was also in the Greek capital.

"This referendum was held with the backdrop of fear and scaremongering by our own and other European governments," Mr Doherty said.

"But years of brutal austerity have taken their toll on the Greek people who have stood up to the bullyboys of the EU," he added.

Fine Gael MEP Brian Hayes was the first politician from a government party to react.

"I think there is now an urgent need to resume negotiations in a spirit of good faith," he said.

"The most immediate question is funding for the Greek banks. This will be a matter for the ECB to decide."