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Irish mum wanted in US over steroid case is arrested by gardai


Siobhan Hatton

Siobhan Hatton

Siobhan Hatton

A woman who was the subject of a major hunt by gardai after being charged in the US for her alleged involvement in an illegal €6.5m steroid enterprise has been arrested and remanded in custody.

Wicklow mother-of-one Siobhan Hatton, who is aged in her 30s, is expected to make a bail application in the High Court after she was arrested by offic- ers from the Extradition Unit earlier this week.

She was detained in Wicklow around a fortnight after returning to Ireland having failed to surrender herself to American officials in London.

Ms Hatton, from Roundwood, previously gave an interview to the Sunday World in which she said she is trapped in a nightmare that started when police raided a family lunch and accused her then husband of being the head of a massive illegal steroid trade.

"There is absolutely no evidence on me other than I was married to the devil," she said.

"People have to hear my story. They have to understand what's happening to a mother and a child."

Ms Hatton was first arrested in London in Septem- ber 2012 in connection with the operation allegedly run by her ex-husband, a dual Israeli and South African national who was dubbed the Steroid King.

An English court agreed to her extradition earlier this year, but after her arrest here it will now be up to Irish courts to decide if she will be sent to Tennessee where she could potentially face decades in jail if convicted.


Mr Wainstein (50) is understood to be fighting his extradition from South Africa in relation to the charges.

At Dublin Circuit Court in July 2007, he was sentenced to two years in jail with all but four months suspended for illegally selling bodybuilding steroids worldwide from an Irish address

He had pleaded guilty to nine charges arising out of the unlawful possession, sale and distribution of the illicit substances at Croswaithe Park South, Dun Laoghaire, in 2003.

He was busted here when illicit substances valued at €15,000 were recovered at the Dun Laoghaire premises on September 16, 2003, after gardai were alerted to the offence as a result of problems with the delivery through international distributors.

An indictment by US prosecutors alleges that Mr Wainstein had run an anabolic steroids distribution operation, along with his wife and others, since 2004.

He also faces charges in the US of smuggling human growth hormone and falsely branding drugs.