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Irish model plans family with Turkish star

NEWLY-wed Irish model Chloe Loughnane is wasting no time in her plans to start a family with her Turkish popstar husband Serdar Ortac.

The pair got married just two months ago but they're wasting no time in preparing for the pitter patter of little feet.

Chloe (21) wed singer Serdar (44) in June in a lavish ceremony in Turkey's plush Cesme coastal area.

Now Serdar has said that despite his recent MS diagnosis, it won't affect his ability to father a child and is looking forward to expanding his brood with his beautiful wife from Youghal, Co Cork.

He even joked that his mother has been pushing them for a little girl first.

Serdar said that he's currently undergoing muscle treatment to treat the potential effects of the disease.

Chloe said that she wasn't looking for love when she made the move to Istanbul two years ago and her romance with the pop sensation took her by surprise.