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Irish man charged on Jihad Jane conspiracy

DETAILS of the violent jihad organised in Ireland and the US have been revealed.

Federal prosecutors in Philadelphia have charged Ireland-based Ali Charaf Damache and a Pakistani teenager based in the US with conspiring with others, including Pennsylvanian woman 'Jihad Jane', to provide material support to terrorists.

Damache, a naturalised Irish citizen who lived in Waterford, went by the name The Black Flag, according to prosecutors.

He is accused of using the internet to recruit people and solicit funds for a violent jihadist war in South Asia and Europe. Some of the recruits were to undergo explosives training in South Asia before returning to "wage violent jihad" in Europe.

In court papers seen by the Herald, prosecutors allege Damache tried to recruit men and women to train with the group known as al-Qa'idi in the Islamic Maghreb.

They also allege that he hoped to recruit people to train with Pakistan's intelligence service, the ISI.


The court papers also reveal how Damache married another suspect, Jamie Ramirez, on the day she arrived in Ireland in September 2009 with her seven-year-old son, even though she had never met Damache.

"The couple began training Ramirez's minor child in the ways of violent jihad," according to the indictment.

Damache has been in custody in Ireland since March 2010 on unrelated charges. US authorities are now seeking his extradition to America where he was charged late last month along with teenager Mohammad Hassan Khalid.

Damache is also facing a charge of conspiracy to aid terrorists and attempted identity theft to facilitate international terrorism.

According to the indictment, Damache, Khalid and others "devised and co-ordinated a violent jihad organisation consisting of men and women from Europe and the United States divided into a planning team, a research team, an action team, a recruitment team, and a finance team, some of whom would travel to South Asia for explosives training and return to Europe to wage violent jihad."

Court papers claim Damache and Khalid acted under the direction of Colleen LaRose, who dubbed herself 'Jihad Jane' in online conversations.

LaRose was arrested in October 2009.She later pleaded guilty in the US to providing support for terrorism and other charges. Ramirez pleaded guilty to similar charges in March.

Both women are awaiting sentencing.