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'Irish Kevin Keegan' Darragh scores big on his chaser debut


Darragh Ennis is the first new chaser to appear on the show since 2015

Darragh Ennis is the first new chaser to appear on the show since 2015

Darragh Ennis is the first new chaser to appear on the show since 2015

A Dublin scientist dubbed "the Irish Kevin Keegan" has become the star of British TV quiz show The Chase.

Darragh 'The Menace' Ennis has gone down a storm on social media since his debut on the hit ITV series on Thursday.

The 40-year-old Irish post-doctoral research neuroscientist got instant approval from many fans.

"It's a thumbs up from me time to concentrate on the game #thechase," one fan tweeted.


"Ooooh I like this new Chaser. Got to settle in a bit but very knowledgeable and calm. Good addition to a strong team," another wrote.

His curly hair was a focus for many, with a fan saying it was "making me feel all nostalgic for the 70s perm".

He even sparked a limerick:

They've got a new chaser called Darragh, whose musical taste is quite narrer. His science is s**t hot, though his dress sense is not. But he'll fit in quite nicely, begarrah.

"The new Chaser is basically Irish Kevin Keegan, in cowboy get up," a female fan wrote online.

Ennis' arrival had been hyped for weeks by host Bradley Walsh, who gives all the Chasers a nickname and settled on "D-Ennis The Menace" after also calling him "The Dublin Dynamo".

NUI Maynooth graduate Ennis is the sixth chaser and has joined the show in its 13th series.

The neuroscientist said the five other Chasers gave him good advice.

"They've been very good about the things you need to learn and know and what you really need to bone up on," he said.

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"We're mildly competitive, but we are more of an encouraging team that works together.

"Personally, I want to reach certain goals. I want to be good at this. So, I do work quite hard at that.

"I do a lot of studying and I do work at it. Impressing myself is the main thing, I think.

"It's a really nice environment that we all work in. We all try to help each other out."

The scientist joined the show after competing himself as a contestant in 2017.

He said host Bradley Walsh was a complete gentleman to him when he joined the show.


"He was very kind, very friendly. He said, 'Relax, don't worry about anything. We'll have a bit of back and forth. You give me a hard time, I'll give you a hard time, but it's all just fun'," he said.

"I grew up in a household like that and I have a group of friends at home who are exactly like that.

"We give each other a terrible time, so it's great.

"I didn't know my 'The Menace' name until I walked out on set. I like it, it's good."

The Chase is on weekdays at 6pm on Virgin Media Two.


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