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Irish is the new normal as Connell creeps into top UK baby names' list


Connell and Mariane in a scene from Normal People

Connell and Mariane in a scene from Normal People

Connell and Mariane in a scene from Normal People

Irish baby names are proving popular in the UK, with Normal People clearly having an impact as Connell - one of the show's main characters - appears on the list for the first time.

The BabyCentre study has found Connell, a name known within every Irish and British household, after the massive popularity of the hit drama, has entered the top 200 UK baby names.

However, Marianne has failed to enter the girls' baby list, perhaps illustrating Connell and his chain would seem to have had more of a cultural impact in the UK among new mothers.

Although not an Irish name specifically, Vogue has also entered the list of UK girls' baby names for the first time - while Theodore rose 10 places to number 31 in the boys' list, this year.

Model and DJ Vogue Williams, who's very much an A- lister in the UK, along with former Made in Chelsea star and husband Spencer Matthews, are parents to two-year-old Theodore.


Other Irish names on the boys' list are Aiden at number 26, Liam at 32, Ryan at 43, Kian at 51, Finn at number 67 and Gabriel, which is 72nd on the list.

The girls' list has also witnessed the Irish effect.

Freya is number nine on the list, Erin is at 56, Orla is 81 and Niamh is in 100th place.

It seems lockdown TV has heavily influenced the list this year.

More babies than ever before have been named Tiger in 2020, after the huge popularity of Netflix's thrilling documentary, Tiger King.

While Arabella, the heroine of BBC comedy drama, I May Destroy You, also rose 30 places to number 57.

Another lockdown hit, Emmy award-winning Netflix comedy series Schitt's Creek, has also perhaps influenced the popularity of David and Alexis on the list.

George has become the seventh most popular name on the list, possibly reflecting the influence of Prince William and Kate's son, born back in 2013.


The Muslim culture in the UK was very apparent on the list, with Muhammad the number one on the boys' list, while Olivia was knocked off the top girls' name list and replaced by Sophia.

Nova and Neo also made the top 200, the names meaning 'new' rose in popularity as did Hope, signalling a feeling for optimism as we approach 2021.