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Irish inventor on Dyson list Mexican troops find 72 corpses Atomic Kitten in Botox boast

A young inventor has been shortlisted for a prestigious international prize for a revolutionary new oxygen-delivery system.

James D'Arcy is the only Irish entry to make the finals of the James Dyson Design awards, with a device called Flo2w.

The invention holds an oxygen tube to a patient's head with an adjustable headpiece that can be clipped on and off.

He could scoop the grand prize of €12,000, plus €12,000 for the design department at the University of Limerick, where he has just completed his final year.

Mexican troops find 72 corpses

The bodies of 72 people have been found by troops at a rural location in northern Mexico, following a shootout with suspected drug cartel gunmen.

The find appears to be the largest drug-cartel body dumping ground found in Mexico since President Felipe Calderon launched an offensive against drug trafficking in 2006.

Mexican drug cartels often use vacant mine shafts to dump the bodies of executed rivals or kidnap victims.

It was unclear whether the 58 men and 14 women had been killed at the same time, or separately.

Atomic Kitten in Botox boast

Former Atomic Kitten singer Liz McClarnon has revealed that she had Botox to stop her sweating.

The 29-year-old said she also had the injections to smooth out wrinkles in her forehead.

"I got some [Botox] the other day. It was amazing," she said. "I actually got some in my armpits to stop me sweating, for filming my new series, and I went 'oh just pop a bit in my forehead as well' and it's absolutely brilliant."

Recently Kylie Minogue and her sister Dannii have told how they have stopped having the injections.