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Irish house prices and Google Street View launches on Globrix.ie

Globrix.ie, Ireland's fastest growing property website, launches ground-breaking new features.

Want to KNOW what your house is worth, or what schools, restaurants, services and childcare are available where you are thinking of buying or renting? Globrix.ie has just launched an innovative KNOW section with house prices, market activity and local services for all Irish counties and Dublin postcodes.

The KNOW section is the only transparent view of up-to-date property statistics available in the Irish market. House hunters searching for houses on the website can view month-by-month median house price data for 1, 2, 3 and 4-bed properties. A house price data chart also plots changes in house prices over time, illustrating local market trends for would-be buyers.

The new features also includes information in collaboration with superb online directory website Yourlocal.ie, which provides results on relevant local area services for house hunters such as schools, transport options, restaurants, shopping, gyms and childcare. Results can be specified right down to town level.

Globrix.ie is also the first Irish property website to launch Google Street View, providing property viewers with 360 degree street-level photographs of houses, streets and neighbourhoods before contacting estate agents directly on the property website to arrange a viewing. Google’s street view project covers over 80,000km of Irish roads in Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Waterford. Click here for an example

A powerful estate agent directory offers house hunters a new and unique way to get in touch with agents. As an alternative to the classic property search, the estate agent directory allows house hunters to locate agents by town, county and postcode - viewing details about an estate agent and their property listings. This is complemented further by another exclusive Globrix.ie feature which allows house hunters to email all agents who may have properties in their search area.

These pioneering features, just released, mark the first birthday for Globrix.ie in Ireland. National Sales Manager for Globrix.ie, Joe Kavanagh, added that "the new features help reinforce Globrix.ie as Ireland's best and fastest growing property website. The best in class search technology delivers a property viewer an experience that is second to none in this market. We are committed to delivering a different experience than the traditional property websites in this market, providing agents with a free and transparent service that matches potential buyers to available properties with a fast, powerful and easy to use property website."

For custom data requests, please email data@globrix.ie