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Irish firm creating insulin inhalers

AN Irish drugs company is developing an insulin inhaler which could put an end to daily injections for diabetes patients within five years.

Aerogen, the Galway-based aerosol drug delivery company, is working in partnership with San Francisco biotech company Dance Pharmaceuticals to develop a new inhaled insulin product, cheap enough for diabetes patients to use.

Colin Telfer, Aerogen's Director of Business Development, said the inhaler would put an end to the stigma diabetes patients often feel when injecting themselves with insulin in public places.

"That's a chore and it's unpleasant, and many patients don't like it. It puts them off their treatment and it prevents them from using it properly and taking their doses as directed.

"This will certainly help to reduce that. It's not always the most comfortable thing to have to inject yourself in a restaurant, and we hope this will be a small and pocketable device.

"As a technology it's proven, it works and it's safe," said Mr Telfer.