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Irish families forced out of Spanish hotel in gas tragedy

NEARLY 500 holidaymakers have been evacuated from a Spanish hotel after a tourist died from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Dozens of Irish guests were among those moved from the three-star Tropical Park Hotel in Majorca following the tragedy.

Hotel bosses ordered the evacuation just before midnight on Friday after a 15-year-old German girl was taken ill in a room near to where a Russian tourist died two weeks ago.


The death was originally attributed to natural causes.

But carbon monoxide poisoning was blamed when a French tourist staying in the same room was rushed to hospital three days later.

He is now recovering in his home country.

The unnamed teenager was also staying on the fifth floor of the hotel where the previous two incidents have occurred.

Police sources said she was suffering the classic symptoms of carbon monoxide poisoning.

She was resting with her family yesterday after being released from hospital following treatment and tests.

Hotel director Pedro Mas claimed the tests had revealed no traces of carbon monoxide in her body.

Police and health and safety experts are investigating.

Guests at the hotel, in the package holiday resort of El Arenal near the Majorcan capital Palma, have been relocated to other hotels on the island.

Mr Mas said: "We evacuated the hotel because the Civil Guard told us she had suffered carbon monoxide inhalation but tests at the hospital showed no evidence of any intoxication.


"Checks done after the Russian tourist died and the French holidaymaker was taken ill did show there was carbon monoxide in the room they had been in but not in the rest of the hotel.

"More tests have been carried out and the Civil Guard will return on Monday and we'll see where we go from there.

"The hotel is closed to guests at the moment."

He added: "Our clients are from all sorts of countries including Britain and Ireland.

"I haven't got a figure for the number of British and Irish guests affected but they probably run into the dozens."