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Irish earthquake? Most of us slept right through it

DID the earth move for you this morning? If so, it was probably the tremors from an earthquake that struck close to North Wales in the early hours.

The minor quake happened at around 4.15am and tremors could be felt across the south east of Ireland.

The epicentre of the earthquake in the Irish Sea was 15km away from the town of Abersoch and measured a magnitude of 3.8, the British Geological Survey (BGS) said.

But tremors were reported in Carlow, Kildare, Wicklow, Wexford and Dublin. Scores of people reported a rumbling noise lasting up to five seconds.

However, the tremor was too small to cause any damage.

More than 100 reports from people who felt the earthquake in the UK have been made to the BGS, who said the majority were within a 100km radius.



"This was a larger-than-average earthquake. We get around one a year of this size.

"People have reported hearing an initial loud banging, followed by rumbling, and intense shaking," according to the BGS. Tremors were felt in many communities in North Wales, in Douglas on the Isle of Man, and in Southport, Merseyside.

Peter Wilkinson, owner of the Penrallt Coastal Campsite, about a mile from the epicentre, said he was woken by what felt like a thud and initially thought that the end of his house had collapsed.

He said about 30 families were staying on the campsite and described feeling the earth "moving around".

"The earth certainly moved for us," he said.

"I woke with a start and thought that the corner of the house had fallen off. I got up to see if something had fallen over in the room and went to check all of the rooms, but there wasn't any sign.



"I would describe it as like hearing a large thud – like a wardrobe falling over.

"But the others in the campsite have been talking about it a lot more. They said it felt like the earth was moving around and was really quite scary.

"It has really been the talk of the campsite this morning."