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Irish drivers like a song and an odd little prayer

IRISH drivers are reaching their destinations on a song and a prayer.

As many as 60pc of young motorists burst into song while driving and 5pc of all drivers confess to praying while on the move, an AA/Populus poll found.

In Northern Ireland, the number who pray at the wheel is as high as 14pc.

Overall, 29pc of people sing while driving, with this figure going down to just 13pc for the over-65s.

Based on responses from 21,408 drivers, the survey also showed that 89pc listen to the radio or CDs while at the wheel, 39pc make plans or have ideas, and 31pc get annoyed at the traffic or with other drivers.

Road rage afflicts 47pc of young drivers but only 20pc of older ones.

The poll also found that 23pc of drivers get lost in thought, 6pc talk on the phone, 2pc learn a foreign language and 2pc meditate.

The highest numbers of car singers are in Scotland, while road-ragers are most prominent in London and Northern Ireland.

The research also revealed that Scots are most likely to make plans or have ideas at the wheel.

AA president Edmund King said: "Bearing in mind the time we spend in our cars and in congestion, it is no surprise that drivers get up to other things behind the wheel.

"It can be a positive thing to be engaged as long as our extra-curricular activities, such as learning a language, singing or praying, don't interfere with driving."