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Irish doctors in cancer discovery

Irish scientists have discovered a new enzyme which plays a major role in the spread of blood cancer cells.

The researchers at NUI Galway confirmed that the find gives "significant new insights" into the development of multiple myeoloma which causes chronic fatigue, repeated infections and unexplained weight loss, among a series of debilitating ailments.

The discovery could also have implications for the way other types of tumours are treated, according to NUI Galway haematologist, Professor Michael O'Dwyer.

Details of the discovery by the NUIG team are published in the international scientific journal, Blood. It traces the over-production of the specific enzyme to the spread of the cells associated with multiple myeloma.

Coach crash kills 21 in Andes

At least 21 people were killed when a bus overturned on a mountain road in the Andes, Peruvian authorities have said.

La Oroya regional prosecutor Hermelinda Zavala said on national radio that the bus apparently ran off the highway because it was speeding. The accident happened about 170km east of the capital, Lima.

She said the dead included a two-year-old girl and two teenagers.

Lollipop lady for Abbey Road

Tourists flocking to one of Britain's favourite musical landmarks to recreate the Beatles' Abbey Road crossing could see the addition of a "lollipop lady" to their holiday snaps.

Westminster Council has raised safety fears over the "thousands and thousands" of people who visit the zebra crossing, in St John's Wood, north London, made famous by the band in 1969.

Partridge got Kate to tour

Enigmatic star Kate Bush has remained tight-lipped about her reasons for her stage return 35 years after her only tour, but a new documentary reveals an unlikely possible inspiration - Steve Coogan's comic creation Alan Partridge.

The actor revealed the Wuthering Heights singer was impressed by his performance on Comic relief.