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Irish colleges miss out on world's top 100


Trinity College Dublin.

Trinity College Dublin.

Trinity College Dublin.

NOT a single Irish university has made the list of the world’s 100 most prestigious universities.

Trinity College Dublin (TCD) said it cannot happen without more investment in higher education.

Although the 2015 UK-based Times Higher Education World Reputation Rankings does not go beyond 100, Trinity is the highest rated Irish university, falling somewhere between 150th-200th place, while University College Dublin (UCD) is outside the top 200.

For the fifth year in a row, the rankings, based on an invitation-only survey of over senior 10,000 academics in 142 countries, highlight a group of six US and UK “super-brands” that stands head and shoulders above the rest, headed by the Harvard University in the US, followed by the UK’s Oxford and Cambridge.

Last year, California Institute of Technology was rated in top spot followed by Harvard.

Trinity made it to 138th position in 2014 with University College Dublin ranked between 226 and 250.

University College Cork was placed in the 276 to 300 bracket.

Rankings editor Phil Baty said while the findings were based on subjective judgments, they were the views of leading academics.

He said a university’s global academic reputation was vital and was a key driver of success, helping institutions to attract the top student and academic talent as well as investment and research partners.

But Mr Baty pointed out that the top 100 was a very elite group representing only 0.5pc of the world’s 20,000 universities, and it “was no great shame not to be part of it”. He said Trinity’s standing was “pretty impressive”.

TCD Dean of Research Professor Vinny Cahill said that universities that benefit from sustained public and private funding generally dominate the rankings.

He said “a world-class university requires resourcing at internationally competitive levels and for Trinity to sustain its position and increase further requires adequate investment”.