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Irish citizen in trafficking case

An Irish national is wanted by the authorities in Spain where he is accused of being involved in facilitating human trafficking, the High Court has been told.

Wei Yu, originally from China but a naturalised Irish citizen, is accused of providing forged documents to allow Chinese nationals enter the European Union.

Following his recent arrest by the gardai on foot of a European Arrest Warrant, Mr Yu (49) applied for bail at the High Court in Dublin pending the determination of an extradition request.

The matter was postponed to later this week.

'We are not amused...'

A Thai military court has sentenced a businessman to 25 years in prison on charges of defaming the country's monarchy.

The court in Bangkok found Thiensutham Suthijitseranee guilty of five counts for postings he made on Facebook, and handed him a 10-year sentence for each count. It cut the total 50-year term in half because he pleaded guilty to the charges.

Batman killer's mum feels guilt

The mother of Colorado theatre shooting defendant James Holmes feels guilty for not knowing her son was mentally ill and needed treatment, she wrote in a book of prayers and reflections compiled since the 2012 attack.

Arlene Holmes wrote that she can never forgive herself for not predicting the shooting, which left 12 dead.

Holmes' attorneys have said he was in the grip of a psychotic episode when he slipped into the Denver cinema and opened fire during a showing of a Batman movie.

His trial is scheduled for April 27, and prosecutors are seeking the death penalty.

Video site to rival Spotify

Jay Z has joined forces with an army of music stars to unveil Tidal, a revamped music service, that is set to challenge Spotify.

The rapper-turned- businessman was joined at the New York launch by artists Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Kanye West.

The new service will encouraging artists to lobby their record labels to let them "window" new releases exclusively on Tidal for a week.